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Yes! City Councilman Antonio Brown announces run for Atlanta Mayor

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Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown, delivers a speech at the steps of City Hall, announcing his intentions to run for Mayor on Friday, May 14, 2021. (Photo: Itoro N. Umontuen/The Atlanta Voice)

Atlanta City Councilman, Antonio Brown, entered the mayoral race today, announcing his intent at noon on the steps of City Hall surrounded by his family, friends, influencers, supporters and staff.

The District 3 councilman, is known for his activism in social justice, speaking out for the marginalized and poor communities, advocating for the rights, safety, and inclusion of the LBTQ+ community seeks to “Reimagine Atlanta!”

Antonio endured quite a rocky upbringing. Both of his parents were incarcerated during his childhood, he grew up impoverished and dropped out of high school at fifteen to bag groceries and help support his younger siblings. Over the years he not only improved on his own life but fought for a better way of life for people all over the city. In his announcement speech, Brown outlines this reimagining of Atlanta by transitioning the political power away from Atlanta’s elite and placing it back into the hands of it citizens. “People are no longer asking for a seat at the table. They realized that they are the table, and elected officials are just invited guests to that table!” He further outlined the reimagining by speaking on affordable housing, more jobs, a better educational system, and an improved public transportation system, and second chances for people who have paid their debt to society.

Antonio lightly touched on the indictments of fraud and false bank statements from 2020 stating outright they are false and that he would not be running for mayor if there were any validity to them. He went on to make a profound statement about the type of politicians people everywhere need. “…the time for perfect politicians is done, people want politicians that are real and are working for them.”

Antonio’s announcement comes on the heels of current Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms’ announcement she would not seek re-election. Brown has voiced his love and support the mayor publicly and via social media tweeting, “Always hold tight to your faith, God makes no mistakes. Thank you for your service to our city Mayor @KeishaBottoms [praying hands].” If Brown is he elected he will become the 61st, and youngest mayor at the age of 36, for Atlanta. “Young people are leading the way, just look around at all the young activists and people here. Antonio is a part of a generation of people unafraid to take on big politics and fat cats. He knows who he is and the people he is fighting for. It’s refreshing! It’s a good time be an ATLien!” states Ernesto Allen.

To support Antonio Brown’s campaign follow him on social media via Instagram @antonioforatl, on Twitter @AntonioIsMuted,  and donate to his campaign by visiting his website at