The CW has opted to rework the pilot for  “The Power Puff Girls” live-action reboot after the network’s executives described it as being “too campy.”

via People

powerpuff girls

“Sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss,” CW Chairman & CEO Mark Pedowitz told TVLine on Tuesday. “We believe in the cast completely, we believe in Diablo [Cody] and Heather [Regnier], the writers, and we believe in the auspices of [executive producer] Greg Berlanti and Warner [Bros.] Studios.”

“In this case, the pilot didn’t work. But because we see enough elements in there, we’re going to give it another shot. We didn’t want to go forward with what we had,” he added.

Pedowitz said that part of the reason why the pilot didn’t work was because “tonally, it might have felt a little too campy.”

“It didn’t feel as rooted in reality as it might have. But again, you learn things when you test things out,” he continued. “And in this case, we felt like, ‘Let’s take a step back and go back to the drawing board.’ This is a powerful property, it has engaged a lot of interest, and we want to get it right before we put it out.”

On Monday, Entertainment Weekly reported that the live-action series, titled Powerpuff, did not receive a series order at this time. Instead, the project is “being reworked and repiloted off-cycle,” according to the outlet.

“Powerpuff Girls'” needing to be reworked does not come as a surprise to us. The series, tonally, was set for young children in its heyday on Cartoon Network. Trying to translate that to a now mature audience, and make it more realistic is quite the undertaking. The series stars Donald Faison as “Professor Utonium” and Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Yana Perrault; as Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, respectively.

“Powerpuff Girls” marks yet another superhero series The CW has passed on alongside Green Arrow and The Canaries, Painkiller, and a Wonder Woman series based off Yara Flores, the Hispanic Wonder Woman of the future. We hope they figure out the series they want. This series can work if done correctly.