R&B songbird H.E.R. has been making some big moves as of late. Having quickly ascended from R&B newbie to certified music super-star, H.E.R. is shaking up the entertainment world and paving a unique path of her own. The multi-Grammy and 2021 Oscar winner rocked this year’s Billboard Award ceremony with an amazing performance of “We Going Crazy” with DJ Khaled and Migos. H.E.R. along with DJ Khaled shut the show down with her soulful performance that was among the highlights of the show.

From her voice to her chic and earthy style, H.E.R. appears to be music’s new it-girl and we can’t get enough.

Styled by Wouri Vice, H.E.R.  wore a set of glacier diamond baguette hoop earrings by VVSJ during her performance at Sunday’s Billboard Music Award ceremony. VVSJ & Co is owned and operated by Jorge Rodriguez,  an American designer of Dominican decent, entrepreneur, celebrity jeweler. These earrings are killer pieces that are subtle in size but have a big sparkle.

H.E.R. is becoming quite the style icon. The R&B songbird wore a sequined bodysuit by Christian Dior for the red carpet event before the show and later performed in the diamond earrings during her performance with DJ Khaled. Priced at 3k, H.E.R. clearly is a girl with expensive taste. What I love about H.E.R.’s sense of style is that it’s so earthy, organic and chic without being overwhelming. Many of today’s pop/r&b stars rely on outrageous outfits to garner attention, H.E.R. would rather let her talent and cool sense of personal style do the talking.


H.E.R. Billboard Awards 2021