I decided to relaunch Kontrol because I felt the industry has loss sight on the fact that real style and fashion are not based on labels, likes and how much money you have. Regular retail companies get a bad rep; it is as if you don’t shop with high end fashion and beauty retailers, then you are not considered stylish or cool. This just is not true; and Kontrol is here to prove just that! I am always mixing high and lower end fashions and most time you would be none the wiser. People are constantly asking me how I do it all? From being a fashion stylist, running Revel by JL, working full-time  for Kontrol, and still maintaining a social life. I also am inundated with questions about fashion, beauty, the entertainment industry and so much more. Thus, I have decided to streamline all that I do within Kontrol, and curate an experience and a destination for the modern fashionista.


Living a fashionable, chic life does not mean you have to “break the bank” on your favorite fashion label, expensive accessories, or a trendy new makeup palette. At Kontrol Magazine, we believe that life isn’t black or white, so why should a fashionable lifestyle be so rigid? The “all or nothing” approach is antiquated. The very essence of a stylish, chic, yet sophisticated lifestyle is knowing how to put it all together, and make it look very well put together without killing your pockets. Moderation, and Kontrol, explores how the modern fashionista (male or female) are able to achieve just this. We are not about preaching or judging, we are about exploring and conversing. This is not a monologue–it’s a dialogue!


You are cool. You are confident. You are stylish. You are polished. We get you, and we are here to give you all the sweet treats that your heart desires. From chic and affordable fashion looks, beauty tips, tricks on multitasking for girl bosses, and healthy recipes that do not skimp on taste, home decor ideas for every budget; and Julian Lark-approved style hacks to stylish options for date nights, girls’ nights, and everything in between! You want it all, and you want a place that provides a little bit of everything; without being lectured or preached to. We got you!  Think of us as your Stylish Fairy God-friend!!!